Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Mysterious Fruit

Mr Thangarajah, 74

The Tree     
The Mysterious Fruit

The Flesh of the Fruit

The Leaves of the Fruit Tree

A Mysterious Fruit

A resident in my neighbourhood of SS14 Subang Jaya, Mr Thangarajah, 74, a retired Kirkby UK-trained teacher, has discovered a fruit which the Indonesians will buy for some US$6 per fruit, because it can be used for medicinal purposes.

He was doing some gardening with a friend when an Indonesian man approached him asking him whether the trees in front of his house were bearing fruits which "point up to the sky" because they grow at the end of the stem.

However, as far as he knew, having lived here for so many years, those trees don't bear fruits.

But recently someone picked up one fruit dropped from one of the trees. (Pictures of the fruit, the leaves and the trees are shown above.)

Mr Thangarajah is eager to know the name of this rare and valuable fruit, its medicinal value, and the botanical name of the tree. Can anyone help? Please post the answer in the comments. Thank you very much.
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Chris said...

Wow! selling $6.00 for one fruit...you should check it out any more fruits dropping everyday as there are many trees in front of your house.

Sorry I don't know the name of the fruit.